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BlackBerry Maps , the default navigation app that ships with all new BlackBerry devices, offers maps and directions, as does Google Maps , along with some additional functionality. MapQuest Navigator 5. VZ Navigator , available only to Verizon Wireless subscribers, is also a viable option. The TeleNav service works on most BlackBerry devices, including all the latest models, as well as a variety of additional smartphones, such as the T-Mobile G1. How do you get from here to there with TeleNav? None of the options prove difficult. You'll find three common ways to enter a new address: 1 type an address on your BlackBerry; 2 speak an address and TeleNav will record it; and 3 create a MyTeleNav account on the company's website and send addresses to your device from a PC.

You can also employ the TeleNav browser plugin.

BlackBerry Curve - Install Google Maps - Safaricom

I am unable to open a browser since i do not have a sim card. Do you enter this in The browser or somewhere else? Select Settings, then Basic, then scroll down to Data Dir at the bottom of the screen. That is where you enter the path. If you have a newer version of TrekBuddy then it may already have created the directory for you and filled in the path. I tried TrekBuddy Forums but no reply after a week. I am able to load a map, get a GPS signal, move around the map.

BlackBerry 8520 Curve

Thanks much. Assuming you have a map loaded and the GPS indicator is suggesting you have a signal Green then just press 5. Hi can you put the whole of gb on in one map and if so how i have put my area in so i got that to work. I tried Alt-5; Alt-Shift to do Num Lock and then pressed 5; simply pressing 5 also does nothing to the compass rosette. Hello, this looks like an awesome software, but for some reason I keep getting an error while trying to generate my map on gm2tb. Though I can generate the waypoints just fine…. To convert Garmin maps to TrekBuddy use this tutorial.

Hi, I have a BB and I have done everything suggested here step by step thanks for posting this! I tried to hit different buttons but nothing moves — I can only pan using the track ball. Any help would be appreciated in regards to how I can get a zoomed in view on the map I downloaded. Many Thanks!!! The zoom level of the map is dictated by the zoom level when you created the map.

Straight out of Palo Alto

An atlas is simply a number of maps packaged in the same file. If the maps are of the same area and are simply different resolutions this should give you an effective zoom feature. Do you know if this program runs with the garmin compatible maps.

Google Maps for BlackBerry 10

You may be able to convert the maps using this tutorial. Can this be used on a bb ? I have followed all the above steps to get Trek Buddy up and running on my Blackberry Bold The device is still asking me to create a new data dir folder and i am unable to achieve a gps signal.

I have managed to download the map.

Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Travel and Leisure Apps

However, my map scale is shown at m. Is there a way to reduce the map scale to m? Has your service provider crippled GPS by disabling it?

Some providers do this and then charge you a monthly fee to use it! I have trekbuddy and everything was fine until i tried to open map or atlas… first i didnt know what format to use but then i decidded to use. I am using the TrekBuddy Atlas Creator 1. Hi, I was wondering if there is some way of using custom maps. I make custom hydrographic maps of lakes as jpg, bmp etc.

Is there some way I can upload my custom jpg files as a map and get my current location on them? Great work!!.

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I was able to install it in a matter of minutes. The instructions cant get any better. I have installed TrukBuddy V0. Thanks, Marco. I have exactly the same issue — can anyone help…. Most likely causes: You are not connected to the Internet. The website is encountering problems. Kudos to Olivier for out geeking me to the latest version of Google Maps for the Blackberry.

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I downloaded it this weekend and it is pretty darn cool. I've loaded a number of other free BB apps. If you have a Crackberry I'd suggest playing with these guys. Add to the list if you know of other nice, free apps. Cool factor 1 : Google Maps knows where you are. Apparently, it uses some form of geo-location via cell towers and falls back on GPS as a secondary method. Who knew?

Use Google Maps

Cool factor 1. I switched to satellite imagery, zoomed in to see the roof, and watched myself move from one end of the house to another. It knows where you are, so you type gas, food, or web design and it will find things in the area. I typed in 'gas' and it found a station down the street I often forget exists.