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This, despite the two-hour hardcore use with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth turned on; brightness level maxed out; and screen always on. The Xperia J is equipped with some standard connectivity options. Wi-Fi Direct is not supported. In brightly lit areas, images were acceptable though the colors were a bit washed out. In low-light areas, I got noisy images.

Videos taken with the rear camera are pretty good, but again, do not give stellar results indoors.

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The front camera produced fuzzy images and washed out colors. Indoors, the quality of the images and the videos were extremely dark and extremely noisy. I could barely see myself.

It took the app about four seconds before the Camera app loaded completely. If you play music in an empty and closed room, the sound quality is pretty good. Although, I noticed some distortion when I cranked up the volume to its maximum level. The Gallery app looks pretty unique with its magazine-like format and resizable picture thumbnails. The resizable thumbnails in the Gallery app are pretty cool, letting you give a certain image the limelight by making it bigger or giving all the thumbnails equal attention by shrinking or blowing them up. The Xperia J ships with Android 4.

It may not be the latest version of Android available, but Sony may push Android 4. Unlock your phone by sliding the lock icon to the right and jump into the camera app by sliding the camera icon to the left. The app dock on the homescreen already contains the Media folder, Play Store, Messaging, and Phone app shortcuts, but you can swap them with other app shortcuts. Though this may not bother some people, I found it strange that when I popped open the app drawer, there was an onscreen Home button.

It gives me an option to keep things neat and tidy by letting me sort my apps either in my own order, alphabetically, by most used, or by recently used. I can also delete apps directly in the App Drawer, which is far more convenient than having to go through Settings.

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The widgets that the Xperia J ships with are all pretty handy, with an emphasis on keeping connected with your friends. Of course, you get typical ones such as the Google Search bar, weather information, access to top contacts, access to the most recent images in your Album, and the Facebook widget. You can also get quick access to your music player through its widget.

To make up for the lack of quick toggles in the notifications bar, the Xperia J has packed all of them into a widget that gives you access to your settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Sound, GPS, and a lot more. You can give the Xperia J a burst of color by tweaking its themes. This gives menus, such as Settings, a colored tint and changes the color of your smart illuminations. You can also change your wallpapers easily, with the ability to choose from your Album, live wallpapers, and the stock Xperia wallpapers.

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The personal dictionary lets you add your own unique expressions and jargon. Personally, I like to get creative with that. My own thumb bumbled quite a bit, but thankfully, the Xperia J provides word suggestions to speed up the typing process. There is no hands-free dictation option, unfortunately. Whichever browser you use, however, shows lag when you scroll up and down graphics-intensive websites, such as Android Authority. Zooming in and out also causes the stock browser display to stutter, as it takes a moment to render the content.

What is Xperia Actions? – Sony Xperia XA1 support (English)

Unfortunately, the Search app does not search the device for content and jumps straight to the Web. The Xperia J has the standard Android security features, starting with the slide lock. During my testing in a moderately lit room, it usually failed to recognize my face. For best results, I recommend using Face Unlock in a brightly lit room. Thankfully, you can fall back on a PIN or a pattern to unlock your device. The Xperia J is expected to be released globally within this last quarter of the year. India, Hong Kong, Russia, and the U. Though the Xperia J may have a nice screen, good battery life and good sound, its processing performance and camera quality leave a lot to be desired.

What do you think about the Sony Xperia J? Is it attractive enough for you to pick up or is its processing power a definite no-no? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Dan Evans. The device is said to feature games graphically within the range of similar portable devices [8] and plays these games via an application known as PlayStation Mobile. It changes the interface of the device from that of a phone to the XrossMediaBar , closely resembling that of the PlayStation Portable. In the early , the official Sony Magazine reported that "a new PSP-style phone is apparently in development".

This subsequently prompted a fallout between Sony and Sony Ericsson. In early , the Wall Street Journal reported that Sony was getting ready to release a smartphone able to download and play video games. It showed the device running Android 2. Two days later, more videos were leaked. They were far clearer, showing the device clearly, with a "PlayStation" icon on the phone which displays a XrossMediaBar -themed interface when selected.

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Though it is unclear whether the games were being played through official software or an emulator of the original PlayStation console. In late January or early February, a shortened version of an advert made for airing during the Super Bowl was leaked on several websites. On February 6, , the device was officially announced with the broadcast of the version of this ad.

The phone was initially announced as having a March release timeframe.

On September 8, , Sony Ericsson confirmed that the Xperia Play, and all Xperia phones released in , would receive an update to Android 4. Since the Xperia Play runs on Android, the device may install apps for playing homebrew games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parts of this article those related to Software need to be updated.


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