Mobile phones health hazards

Company mobile phones could be issued where there is an identified need. The message is clear: mobile phones have advantages and disadvantages and must only be used where there is an identified reason, risk assessed and managed. QCS have guidance and policies to support your service in meeting the requirements of health and safety.

Sally is a multi skilled Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with extensive experience of health, safety, quality and environmental consulting within the different industry sectors. She is also a Registered Nurse with previous nursing experience in both the private sector and the National Health Services. With extensive experience of CQC standards she has provided support and advice in implementing and managing health and safety.

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Introduction Health and social care is a complex industry in which there are many priorities, one of which is having enough Introduction Now that the festive season is over and the pressure of the last few weeks to get all the extra Introduction In the social care sector, the most common use of ionising radiation is within hospitals and dentistry in the form Full Name.

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  • Mobile Phones Health Hazards, Risks and Dangers.
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  • Get fortnightly QCS updates:. Simply fill out the form below and get full access for 24 hours to a QCS Management System of your choice. Symptoms for this condition include feeling of anxiousness when separated from smartphone, difficulty in focusing at work, and constantly checking phone for notifications. In an interview with the Business Insider, founder of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction , Dr David Greenfield said nomophobia is similar to other kinds of addiction where there is dysregulation of dopamine in the body.

    Some Australian businesses have decided to ban the use of mobile phones at work to improve safety and boost productivity among workers. One Perth business owner decided to implement a mobile phone policy at work after he noticed that mobile phone use started causing problems a few years ago. In the United States, some companies like FedEx have totally banned cellular phones in their facilities.

    Mobile phones and your health

    Owens Corning has also implemented a cell phone policy for more than three years now to eliminate safety risks in the workplace. Broadening these efforts took us to a place where we knew every employee would be affected. Just as we would expect in our plants, when this risk was fully recognised, we decided to take action to eliminate it. Inappropriate use of mobile phones can potentially cause serious injuries especially for workers handling forklifts and other heavy machinery, as well as truck drivers.

    OC /Mobile phones and health: Guidance from the department of health

    As these jobs require workers their full attention, being distracted by text messages or incoming calls can become a serious safety hazard not just to the worker but to his colleagues and other people as well. The advent of mobile phones made communication and the capability to connect easier for everyone. It provides us instant access to information and a better way to communicate.

    When used appropriately, mobile phones can be beneficial, but using this powerful tool the wrong way can affect not just our productivity at work but can also be an occupational hazard.

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    • If mobile phone use could potentially cause harm in the workplace, the best way, as recommended by safety experts, is to establish a work safety policy on the use of mobile devices while at work. Workers should also be encouraged to seek help if they feel that they are going through smartphone addiction. As with any other occupational safety issues, any health and safety approach to address the problem of mobile phone use in the workplace will only be effective if workers understand the dangers that can result from excessive smartphone use, and are willing to make changes to create a safer workplace for everyone.

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