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The different ways that the pigs use to solve their problems with the unique abilities is humorous, there is a set of pigs that has a splitting ability like the Blues and inflation like Bubbles - the balloon pig even looks like a balloon. The Bad Piggies are playable in this mode, and they have swapped their roles with the eggs, which could possibly mean the Birds had decided to take the Bad Piggies' role by building forts to protect their eggs. The pig with an exploding bowling ball resembles and takes the role for the Matilda, by dropping a bowling ball on the egg fortress.

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The Balloon Pig will inflate. The Pig with a jetpack speeds up like Chuck.

Corporal Pig has a fuse on his helmet, enabling the pig to explode like Bomb. The Pig with a long, fake beak boomerangs back like Hal. The small pig actually has two smaller companions to imitate the Blues. The regular Minion Pig cries ''Nyah! The Fat Pig does the same for Terence. This was presumably before there was three eggs left on the island.

Golden King Pig

To do so, shoot the bird backwards, and use its boomerang capability to fling itself at the pumpkin. There is now an awesome Halloween themed Golden Egg waiting for you. Almost all popular apps have a specific iPad version, and Angry Birds is the same.


All of the levels are the same, all of the birds are the same, and all of the updates are the same. With that in mind, I still love Angry Birds, and knowing that it was the same version blown up to fit the big screen, I blindly purchased it.

angry birds space golden eggs locations

If the developers at Rovio Mobile are wizards, then I am most definitely under a spell. For these reasons, this app does not make the My Favorite Apps category. Of course, this is only my opinion. Leave your take on Angry Birds HD in the comments, and recommend apps for new reviews by emailing reviewsbyisam yahoo. Also, you can rate Angry Birds HD by using the stars below this post. Angry Birds is one of the best games on the App Store.

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The thrill of knocking over wooden towers and killing pigs with oddly shaped birds and a slingshot is a very unique one, and is more fun than it sounds. This is definitely one of my favorite apps of all time.