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Till that product comes out, they have released an Android app that allows you to read eBooks while turning the pages with your head. So independent reading is possible for quadriplegics after an assisted setup. For proper disclosure, I am the founder of Sesame Enable happy My co-founder is a quadriplegic himself, and initiated this development. Great stuff! Just watched the video and think this could be a game changer for some higher-level quads! Wondering about one specific usage scenario that I see happening with myself. Maybe the phone is mounted to the underside of a shelf placed directly over my head.

Then, by a special and comfortable gesture of the head you unlock the application, and resume normal activity. That way you use your head to navigate around the phone screen and your voice to do any of the heavy lifting like writing a text message, dialing a phone number, or typing a web search query. Speech recognition is great, paired with the right phone this is a compelling hands free solution. I gave it 4 stars out of 5.

I have one of the blueant Q2 hands free and after some adjustments it is working great. I have not been able to figure out a way to have the magnet stay in place on my wheelchair and yet have it far enough away so that I am not constantly triggering it as I am pretty active, but cannot move my neck and head far enough to trigger the blueant and yet have it far enough away. My solution outside has been to hang several magnets around the property so that I do not have to come back in the house to go to where I have the magnet situated.

I also have a magnet on my wheelchair that other people can access and trigger the blueant for me. I love the fact I can have a private conversation and not have to use a speakerphone. I am new to this forum and desperately need a completely hands-free telephone. At present, there is no way for me to use the phone. Can anyone recommend a telephone that I can use? My name is Larry Hopkins and I am in a real bind about a telephone. I am a high level quadriplegic with decent head movement, but not enough voice amplification to be heard via a speakerphone.

Mike—I have emailed you times, but they must not be going through. If anyone has any suggestions please, please give me some direction. Thanks, Larry Hopkins. Hello, I am looking for a complete voice activated cell phone solution for quadraplegics.

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I have read so much information and the blogs with the pros and cons. For someone that moves the chair with the puff and sip and there head for reclining what is the answer for a completely hands free, voice activated,I need to call someone and they need to be able to call me and it can read my messages to me solution is there? Thanks any and everyone. For someone that moves the chair with the puff and sip and their head for reclining what is the answer for a completely hands free, voice activated, I need to call someone and they need to be able to call me and it can read my messages to me solution is there?

I have a system that works really well.

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The best thing about it is that it never shuts off and is always waiting for me to give the keywords to come to life. In fact, I keep it in a pouch behind me in the wheelchair. Being ventilator dependent, I used to have to stay close to the house and be back at a certain time within the limits of my self-breathing ability. Now I am able to go anywhere without a safety time limit because I can check in every 15 minutes.

Freedom through technology! As long as the phone is plugged in, he can wake it with his voice and then: 1. I have a friend who was paralyzed last year by a lightning strike. Dragon Mobile Assistant was just what I needed. Thanks, D. Hi, one of my friend is a MS patient with no use of her hands and legs. Looking for a phone which is completely hands free.

She can move her head around. I really want to help her. I have Essential Tremors which means my hands shake very bad and they have a mind of their own. I have a smart phone and it is such an effort to use cause my fingers constantly hit the wrong things.

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Would you have any suggestions? A lot has changed technologically and it would benefit me greatly to find out what other quadriplegics are currently using as their cellular phones.

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GameCube care to Bob Nash. Mass move. I am trying to find out what voice-activated cellular telephones, other quadriplegics are successfully utilizing because I want to purchase one for safety reasons ASAP. Please tell me what is working for you. My wife has been a quad for 19 years and the phone thing has always been a problem. Today I installed some Amazon Echo units around the house and a device called an Amazon Connect that attaches to the phone line. It lets all the Echo devices become hands free phones. Just say Alexa answer or Alexa hang-up.

Seems to work and a added benefit is they can be used as an intercom between the units. I hope this helps someone Bob. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Site Map Contact. Almost died the other day…. Dragon Mobile Assistant now offers completely hands-free controls. You might also like Originally Posted by hammerhead I use the Plantronics Marque It works well with S Voice.

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All rights reserved. About Us Note2Forum. Advanced Search. Immediately pairs to my Razr and the range is pretty good compared to other BT headsets I've had in the past. Yes it does announce incoming calls. I wear sunglasses all the time while driving, and no issues with comfort. Another bonus is the charging case. The headset has about 5 hours of talk time on a full charge, when you first turn it on it will announce remaining talk time in hours. The carry case can charge up the headset without being plugged into a v source. So if you run down your headset just put it in the case for about 20 minutes and it is ready to go.

Just need to recharge the case. It can read incoming text messages, you just need the correct app to do it. I use this headset when driving, required by work and have no issues so far.

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