Best Galaxy Note 9 cases: how do you choose a good Note 9 case?

It consists of a clear, tough TPU shell and then a colourful bumper wraps around the edges for maximum cushioning. The colour options are subtle and simple to match the style of the iPhone, including gold, rose gold, grey and black.

Want to protect your iPhone X? We've picked the best smartphone cases from the top makers

If you like keeping your important things all in one place, get your hands on this leather folio from Apple. A nice touch is that if you open the folio your iPhone X, close it and it goes back to sleep again. It comes in four simple, rich shades, including red berry and navy blue.

The printed designs, which range from flower motifs to cycle prints, are imprinted between the case's outer shell and inner Impactium Clear lining, so they won't scratch off either. Other features such as a raised bezel and UV yellowing resistance complete the package. The Moshi StealthCover is a slim, folio-style case with a magnetic clasp — giving owners degree protection and wireless charging compatibility too.

It's not all looks and no protection either, with the case coming with a military-grade drop-protection certificate. If you demand the absolute best of the best in terms of protection then look no further than the Greenwich Walker Alcantara Folio Case for iPhone X. The case is actually so tough it is shotgun proof, with a carbon fibre lining granting incredible damage resistance.

On top of and surrounding the carbon fibre things only get more premium, with an electroplated gunmetal shell topped with a lush Alcantara material. Absolutely stunning. One of the most advanced cases in this list, the Mous Limitless delivers a case that is built from an AiroShock smart material that specialises in absorbing huge impacts.

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases: get the best S9 case for you from a premium maker | T3

The tech works by injecting the case's build material with micro crystals that turn into micro air pockets at high temperatures and act as tiny springs, dampening the impact of any fall. The fact that the Limitless is available with a selection of simply delicious rear panels made from wood, real leather, Carbon Fibre and even marble, mean that this case is on point in both protection and style.

Like many cases on the list, this one has a dual-layered design, which consists of a TPU shell and then a shock-resistant polycarbonate bumper for added protection against knocks and falls. Another great thing about this case is you can switch out different coloured bumpers, including red, grey, gold and rose gold.

This is largely down to the case's three-layer FlexShock construction system, which spreads out and absorbs impact energy, preventing it from entering the contained phone. Carl Friedrik always produces classy cases and here, with the iPhone X Case , it is business as usual. Made from premium natural leather with folded edges, this case just looks fabulous and, thanks to a super soft interior microfibre lining, it is also holds the iPhone X with kid gloves.

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In a neat touch, the case can also be personalised with plain, silver or gold embossing too, meaning that names or initials can be adorned to the back plate. Thanks to an elegant slim fit and stylish frosted back plate it also offers serious style, allowing the iPhone X's naturally attractive lines to breathe. This golden case from Gear4 is mostly clear, but overlays your new smartphone with a simple, glittering geometric design.

This super thin and lightweight case from Olixar has a streamlined shell that simply clicks onto your device.

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Adding to the tasteful choice of materials is a slim, streamlined design that remains suitable unshowy, letting the Foxwood logo-engraved rear panel do all the talking. With clean lines, a tough polycarbonate and TPU construction, and unique diamond pattern textured back, the Lite Case for iPhone X is a lovely understated package.

Unlike some cases it doesn't scream look at me, with the snap-on content to provide top protection with a good dollop of subtle elegance. It is easy to grip as well and rather slim too, smoothly sliding in and out of pockets or bags. Go for one of the lighter, more neutral colours such as Rose Gold, Ivory or Gunmetal for the optimal look. This smart snap-on case from Hex is just lovely, with its soft, premium leather adding a seriously classy finish. A soft microfibre inner helps keep the iPhone X scratch and scuff free, while the case's raised edges mean you can place the phone face down and avoid any issues.

Unlike cheap snap-ons, the Focus Case also has a bespoke, custom-moulded polycarbonate cavity, meaning that the phone remains incredibly snug and secure even when jostled. Here's a lovely new entry at the start of If you look closely at the design it depicts China's transformation from agricultural state, to a modern urban environment. Naturally for a Tech21 case, you also get top protection, with a dual-layer construction offering excellent impact energy absorption.

If you like the slim form factor of a regular case but the look and feel of leather, the Knightsbridge from Gear4 is a mix of the two.

The best iPhone X cases: protect Apple's fabulous phone in style

The case fits snugly around your smartphone with a shock-absorbing TPU material on the inside. But the outside is scratch resistant genuine leather. It comes in two shades, black and pale brown. This case from Olixar is crystal clear but has a strong bumper and reinforced corners to protect against knocks and falls.

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