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Hello people. Many of us wish we could play N-Gage 2. To be able to play N-Gage 2. The requirement of a physical keyboard for playing N-Gage 2. It emulates the button inputs as if it were a real keyboard and we could play the games. Download links can be found at the bottom. Please note that has a different installer and so does the , , So please choose the correct installer for your phone. Remember that wile playing the games you need to disable all the patches in the ROM Patcher.

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There are many problems while playing the games. Most usually, even though the games work smoothly, the unavailability of a physical keyboard strikes hard. While downloading games please download only games that are compatible with the N There is a chance that the others might not work.

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Some of the games that I have tested so far work and I will be posting their names in another post. Installation Instructions:. Nokia Install N-gage installer NGage 2. Nokia , , Install Ngage installer N-Gagerepack. Install ngage controller mod ngage controller mod. Remember, you have to enable all the patches before installing them. Your phone must be hacked to play N-Gage 2. I use a When I installed this, I believe I had v A few days ago, I switched to v50, and I can strongly say that this is really unnecessary.

And remember, your phone must be hacked for this. By hacking, I mean jailbreaking. There are a lot of tutorials on the net, be sure to check them out. Hello itot!


Welcome to Gadgetroid! If you want to know, the Nuron version of the installer is universal, that is to say that it will work on most S60v5 devices. The only exceptions to running N-Gage 2. The core files in C are completly different to that of the other v5 devices. Note to all- the N-gage platform is now considered obsolete, as Nokia have closed down this portal officially following their announcement in All requests of game not found or not able to find cracked game will not be entertained.

Support for this topic is closed. I have nokia c and i have installed ngage installer also installed the games but when i try to play the game shows kern exec 30 error please help me i want to play ngage games. I have tried dozens of games but out of them only few worked well. For testing purpose I have tried cracked version of a game that did not run and exited giving error, but the trial version of same game downloaded from official site worked smoothly. There is also an annoying problem with the Virtual Keyboard.

Key pressed once in one direction tends to be kept pressed in that direction only, this is a real trouble while playing Asphault4, FIFA and specially Spores. In FIFA you will find yourself at key shortage, though the game runs fine. Some times even if the patches are enabled the game fails to install. There are times when the application runs out of memory and hence stops giving a warning message to close some of the applications first.

In this situation I will recommend you to have a task manager at hand like the Handy Task Manager. These can be found easily by doing a simple Google search. Yea i found it already.

If you have a BTH keyboard, it can be connected to your phone with an application, which name i sadly cannot remember…. Well yeah bro same here. Please contact the application supplier.

And please say thanks to me friends Nitish. Hey im using Nokia …..

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And thank youuu verry very much!! I had an Nokia N82 which had lasted me some time and was beating away all pretenders to the throne. It had proved a very capable phone with its highly regarded camera and the stability of S60 3rd Edition. That said I had wanted a change for a good while, only nothing that came along was managing to get my pulse racing. I had been thinking the iPhone 3GS was next on my list but, to be sure I liked an all touch screen device, I decided to test the water with a Nokia Thank you.

I have a Nokia X6 and none of the installers install ngage. Both of the installers install in one second and nothing appears in the menu. How do i Install Ngage on a nokia X6? I just study car piece of yours also it was quite great. This is a great post thank you for sharing this informative information. I will visit your site regularly for many most recent publish. I came to update my comments.

I got the ngage repack from mobile9, installed successfully etc.

N-Gage (device)

Superb review. Am downloading the app as i speak. My phome is a with custom firmware, prehacked. Till now none of the ngage games worked with me. Hope this applcation will be able to.


Before, everything starting from ngage installation to games installation worked flawlessly. But when i open an installed game, the phone restarts the screen goes off in a scary way. As for the problem that the author said about virtual keyboard keys getting locked, i have the solution and the reason. Reason: pressing a key and changing the position of the finger by sliding even the slightest. Its like you want to change the position of the virtual keyboard by holding the keyboard and dragging to another position on the screen. Solution: press the same key that got locked, once.

Wow, this was a real quality post. New software games N gage Content… OR more…. This is my initial visit to the present blog. Your blog provided us with valuable info to work with. Great post I believe your leading points and suppose the title says it all, I enjoyed scaning and I will surely return from time to time to read a lot of of your writing.

Pretty insightful publish.

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Never thought that it absolutely was this simple after all. I had spent a superior deal of my time craving for someone to explain this topic clearly and you? Kudos to you keep it up. Hi there You some type of professional?

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Nice message. Gratitude therefore plenty for keeping it running. There are these games i got.. Is anybody experiencing this problem? I m using nokia c n i have hacked it with hellox2 n i have installed d emulator. But i cant find any icon in my application menu. Please help. Where are you admin? Pls do reply. It stops when i play worms world party. What to do now? I did everything as you instructed. Pls suggest me some games too. I have installed N-gage on my Nokia ,it works great. N-gage install in seconds in my x6 16gb but its icon not appear in application please help!!!!!!!!

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Install N-Gage First thing that you must do is hack your phone, If it is already hacked then proceed to the next step else hack your phone first reading this tutorial. Personally I have tested N-Gage application with Nokia hence this must also work on , etc.

I have preferred different installers because the installer for did not work on my , it will just install in a second and no icons will appear in the application menu.